Campervan Electric

Get electricity anywhere!


Get exclusive access to the blueprints for the exact electric system we installed in our campervan.

This 11-page resource is chock-full of diagrams, insider tips, and easy-to-understand language, suitable for beginners.


•our exact electric system blueprint you can copy
•exclusive insider tips (even beginners can understand!)
•the metaphor that changed the way we think about electric systems
•detailed diagrams to take out the guesswork
•advice for altering the system to fit your needs

Confused about how to begin your electrical system

Nervous about working with batteries and wires?

Don’t want to waste unnecessary time & money on your conversion?  


Simplify your Van build today!

Don't wait until you're midway through your build and more confused than ever to seek advice.

Use our system as a reference point so you don't get overwhelmed in the first place.

And if you want guidance on more than just the electric system, we've got you covered! Get an exclusive discount when you purchase our van build bundle.

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Electric System

Electric System Blueprint ONLY


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  • Electric System Blueprint

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  • Electric System Blueprint 
  • Water System Blueprint
  • Propane System Blueprint
  • Campervan Layout Blueprint

We spent days putting this tutorial together and genuinely believe it's very helpful. We stand behind this product, but are unable to offer refunds, as this is a digital download. One it is purchased, there is no way for us to revoke access. Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy, as well as for supporting the time and effort we put into all of our content.

We are sharing the exact systems that we used in our campervan build after lots of research and consulting with professionals. Our plans are intended to be a reference, but we recommend consulting with a professional on your specific set-up. By purchasing this product, you understand that we are not responsible for any issues you have with your build.

Start conquering your ELECTRIC SYSTEM today!

No more headaches or hours of research. Use our guide to start designing your Electric System today. Let's get you on the road faster!

Katie & Ben Zweber

#VanLife Enthusiasts
Creators of Two Wandering Soles

After building two campervans, we want to share our exact systems to help others get on the road faster without the frustrating guesswork!