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Get exclusive access to the blueprints for the exact measurements of our entire campervan layout.

We commissioned professional renderings of our campervan with precise measurements & dimensions.

This 42-page resource is chock-full of diagrams, insider tips, and easy-to-understand language, suitable for beginners.


•our exact layout with measurements you can copy
•blueprints for 2 additional layout designs (including an indoor shower)
•renderings & photographs from all angles
•exclusive insider tips & special features you can incorporate into your own layout

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Frequently Asked Questions

We commissioned professional renderings of our exact campervan layout as well as two additional layout options and compiled them in a 42-page document.

These renderings include exact measurements and dimensions as well as renderings from all angles of the vehicle. With these blueprints, you will have measurements to work with and you'll be able to shave hours (& lots of mistakes!) off your build time, getting you on the road faster.

In addition to the blueprints, you'll find a section dedicated to insider tips and special features you may want to include in your layout.

YES! We created this guide with the intention of being a resource for  most cargo van conversions.

These blueprints were modeled off of three different sized Dodge RAM ProMasters:

Short Wheelbase: 136"
Medium Wheelbase: 159"
Extended Wheelbase: 159" Extended

While they were designed with ProMaster specifications, these blueprints can also be used for Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit conversions, with minor adjustments. Each blueprint notes which vehicles will be a good fit for that particular design.

We've included 3 different layout options to fit the three vehicle sizes listed above.

This is what you can expect:

Small Wheelbase: this model reflects our exact layout with a convertible bed, outdoor shower, vertical storage, & kitchen along the drivers side wall
Medium Wheelbase: convertible bed, fixed indoor shower, galley style kitchen
Extended Wheelbase: fixed bed, hidden table & small seating area, fixed indoor shower, galley style kitchen

Additionally, you could take pieces from two layouts and combine them (using our measurements & dimensions) to create your own hybrid design.

These layouts were designed with cargo vans in mind, and we think they will be most helpful to those doing a cargo van build.

That said, these dimensions could be altered to fit in a different type of vehicle. The small wheelbase layout would work well as a starting point with a larger passenger van. The extended wheelbase layout would work as a starting point for larger types of conversions.

We do want to point out that these layouts will work best with a vehicle that has a high roof (which can be installed after market on many low roof vans).

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about whether these blueprints will be a good fit for your vehicle.

We spent days putting this tutorial together. Plus, we commissioned a professional to create exclusive renderings just for us. We genuinely believe this resource is very helpful. We stand behind this product, but are unable to offer refunds, as this is a digital download. One it is purchased, there is no way for us to revoke access.

Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy, as well as for supporting the time and effort we put into all of our content. 

Start designing your DREAM CAMPERVAN today!

No more headaches or confusion about where to begin. Use our blueprints to start designing your layout today. Let's get you on the road faster!

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After building two campervans, we want to share our exact systems to help others get on the road faster without the frustrating guesswork!