Game-Changing for VANLIFE...

✓ insulated
✓ magnetic
✓ black-out
✓ 100% privacy  

With this tutorial, they're easy to make
(even if you've never sewed before!) 

What makes these window covers so great?!

Block out light

These window covers are the equivalent of  blackout curtains, keeping all the light out – from street lights to a full moon – so you can sleep soundly.


Unlike traditional curtains, these magnetic window covers don't leave any gaps. This mean no curious eyes can peep inside your campervan.


The insulated material helps keep hot air from getting in through the windows. This will help keep your van cool in hot temps!


Likewise, these insulated window covers keep cold air from seeping in through the windows in cold weather, keeping it nice & cozy!

Grab this tutorial 
& SAVE $500+!

Buying pre-made insulated window coverings is NOT CHEAP! 

We got quotes from 4 different companies, and by making them ourselves 
we saved a whopping $540.58! (True story!) 

We want you to save money too! This tutorial will walk you through all the steps so you can make beautiful & functional window coverings on your very first try!

What do you get inside this tutorial?

Step-by-step Instructions

Follow detailed instructions that walk you through each step of this 11-page tutorial. It's written for all levels to be able to follow – even if you're new to sewing!


In addition to written instructions, you'll be able to see each step in action with a thorough video tutorial. You'll have guidance the entire way!


This tutorial is packed with insider tips and things that worked for me (+those that didn't work!) so you get it right on your first try!

 "Thank you for the tutorial on the window coverings! I really wasn't sure how to go about it before watching the video so it's been essential to learning the details and has saved me the time of trial and error.

The one I’ve made so far came out great and fits perfectly! We are so happy with it and I can’t wait to make the rest." 

Vicki S. 

Learn How to Make


  • Material List 
  • Step-by-step Instructions
  • Video Tutorial
  • Insider Tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY! I hadn't really sewn much of anything since 8th grade Home Economics class, and my window coverings turned out great. If I can make these, you can too!

Of course! This tutorial will teach you how to make coverings for your exact windows (no matter the dimensions).

It doesn't matter what type of vehicle so much, as that it has metal surrounding the windows. These instructions are for magnetic window covers which will connect with the metal of your van. If you plan to build wood to the perimeter of the windows or if your particular vehicle does not have metal surrounding the windows, you will need to make some adaptions.

Tip: We know some people have used a magnetic strip with a sticky back to which they can attach the completed window cover.

The exact answer to this will depend on how many window covers you plan to make, as well as the exact type of fabric you choose. I kept track of every single penny we spent on this project and it totaled $86.42 making my 4 covers come to just under $22 each.

When you compare it to what you'd pay to have similar window coverings made for you, it's a STEAL!

Yes, you do need a sewing machine for this project. I didn't have my own prior to making these window covers, but I wanted to invest in one for future projects. I purchased a very budget-friendly machine ($100) that worked really well. I share the exact make/model in this tutorial.

If you don't want to purchase a sewing machine, there are lots of other options: Borrow one from a friend or family member, join a local FB Group community and ask if someone has one you can borrow (Buy Nothing Groups are a great place for this!), see if your area has a local "tool library" which will typically have a sewing machine you can "check out". 

We spent days putting this tutorial together and genuinely believe it's very helpful. We stand behind this product, but are unable to offer refunds, as this is a digital download. One it is purchased, there is no way for us to revoke access.

Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy, as well as for supporting the time and effort we put into all of our content. 

Start making your own INSULATED WINDOW COVERS today!

Making your own functional & beautiful window covers is easy with this guide! When you're finished, you'll have complete privacy, total blackout, and temperature control – all super important things for VANLIFE!


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